Friday 20 January 2012

A very portable feast!

We had a girls nights in at a friends house last weekend so she could show off her new extension.  As it was also her birthday, I offered to cater to save her the bother.  I was going straight from work though so needed something portable that could feed 10 people, that I could make the night before (and thanks to the seasonably cold weather) leave in the boot of the car for 8 hours.

I came up with cheese, potato and onion pies served with roasted roots and hot and sour red cabbage.

Followed by an 80's classic revival - boozy black forrest gateaux - in this case a simple chocolate sponge filled with a deep pink whipped cream (flavoured and coloured with the black cherries that I stewed with kirsh) with some chocolate sprinkles and balls on top.