Tuesday 5 July 2011

What to eat with fishcakes???

I like fishcakes, I like fishcakes a lot, but I have one major problem with them - they just don't work for me as part of a main meal, so inevitably we only eat them in our house as a starter or as a light lunch.  My husband would eat them as a main meal, served with a big pile of chips, but for me that likes eating chips with a side of jacket potato, it just doesn't make sense to me as there is too much potato in fishcakes (particularly if they aren't homemade), but equally I just can never think of anything else to replace the chips with!

Last week, fishcakes were on offer in M&S along with something else we bought, so I bought some, and we needed a quick tea so I wanted to make them a main meal - and had the whole "how do I fill us up dilemma" and couldn't just serve it with salad leaves as I normally do.  These fishcakes however were a bit different as they came with a Mediterranean dressing which set off a spark of an idea - how about serving them with a stuffed pepper?  So that's what I did...

I halved a red pepper, seasoned and added a spray of olive oil and roasted for 10 minutes while I prepped some vegetables - basically what I had to hand in the fridge - a courgette, a red onion, some cherry toms and a few black olives.  I quickly fried the veg in a little olive oil with garlic and added the dressing (which was basically sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar if you want to recreate with your own fishcakes and not store bought) and piled them into the roasted peppers.

I topped with a tablespoon of breadcrumbs and roasted for another 5 minutes until the breadcrumbs became to brown.


A slice of mozzarella on top and another flash under a hot grill - et voila - my fishcake  dilemma solved.

It actually worked quite well - even if the pepper was bigger than the fishcake :-D

Craftilicious x

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  1. Looks really yummy! And here's where you want taste-o-vision :)