Wednesday 20 June 2012


I recently entered a competition run by Kavey from Kavey Eats and was really surprised when late one evening last week I received an email from her informing me that I'd won!   I like those kind of surprises :-D

And what did I win - well I won 77 boxes of Asda Chosen by you jaffa cakes and I can tell you that 77 boxes is a hell of a lot of jaffa cakes!   The courier who brought them to our offices nearly gave himself a hernia lugging in the massive box full of boxes!!!!

I shared a fair few boxes around my colleagues - who all looked very bemused and couldn't understand why I had 77 boxes - it was good fun explaining and handing them out.  We still have a lot of boxes left though and the photo above is me hiding behind a stack of them.  I can report that they are probably the best jaffa cakes I've ever tried - we do like a jaffa in our house and these ones seem more chocolatey and definitely more orangey than "other" brands, yes even the famous one!

Thanks Kavey :-D


  1. How funny Tara! Enjoy them won't you! Vicky x
    PS They wouldn't last two minutes in our house - my lovely plague of locusts and their friends would raze them to the ground!

  2. Thought I'd already commented, so glad you (and friends) enjoyed the jaffa cakes! x